There are 2 ways to deposit money in your student's account.  

  • Send cash or check to your child's school.  Please be sure to include their first and last names and the amount in the envelope.
  • Deposit online!  Instructions for that option are below.  You DO NOT have to deposit money to monitor your student's account!

You can pay via E-Check for $1.75. Credit cards are still accepted and the fee is 2.95% per "swipe".   


Creating An Account at Family Portal:  Deposit Money, View History, Apply for Meal Benefits
1. Go to Family Portal
2. Search for your school district, click "GO" 
3. Click "REGISTER" to create a new account
4. Click "Add Person" and enter your student’s ID number in the box located next to the Add Student Button. (Call 457- 2400 if you need your student’s ID number) 
5. Repeat step 4 until all your students are added

6.  Set up your low-balance notifications: 

Special Note on Passwords: 

Keep your password safe and available.  Your password is case sensitive and must be entered exactly  as shown in the email.  A computer generates your password and no one at Meal Magic Corporation or the school district has access to your password.  If you forget it, you will need to click on the Request New Password link to get a new one.