For the 2022-23 School Year: Meals are no longer free for every student: Apply online at

Students who qualify for Reduced-Price Meal Benefits will recieve breakfast and lunch at NO CHARGE.

 ·         A NEW application must be filled out every year.

·         If your family receives SNAP (food stamp) benefits, no application is necessary; you will receive a letter confirming your benefits.

·         Apply online at or send back the form below.  It is fast and easy to apply online!  Paper applications will be approved within 5 business days. 

·         Once your application is approved, benefits begin immediately.  We will also notify you via mail.

·         Students who qualify for meal benefits use their account just like everyone else!  

·         Any item purchased beyond a school meal is a la carte and they must have money in the account to purchase those items.

·         All meal benefit information is confidential!  


Please click the link below for the application and instructions how to fill it out.


Online Application