Jenison and Hudsonville Public Schools                                                                    

Parents, you are responsible for making sure your children have money on their lunch account to purchase meals!!

Secondary Level

No charging is allowed at the Secondary Level. There are multiple ways of determining how much money is in your child's lunch account including your child asking at the register of a balance.

 High School and Middle School students may make cash deposits and purchases in line if necessary.


Elementary Level

At the Elementary Level, if an account balance falls below $0, the student continues to receive and be charged for a hot lunch for up to 2 days.

  •    Paper notices (on Fridays) and/or emails (daily) are sent home requesting a deposit without delay.
  •    A letter will be sent home via US mail if a negative balance of $5.00 or more is on the account. Lunch access will be denied if the balance is not paid.
  •    Multiple negative balances in a year could result in no longer being able to use the account. 


 If a deposit is not forthcoming, the student is offered a cheese sandwich, fruit or vegetable and milk. The foodservice dislikes telling a student they cannot have their hot lunch choice so please help us avoid this uncomfortable situation and make sure money is in the lunch account.